About Us

Our Mission:

The PNC, a culturally diverse community seeks to improve the quality of life by promoting participation in city governance and facilitating the delivery of City services and to empower stakeholders through the sharing of information and education. Whereas, Pacoima will ultimately become a greater community.

The purposes of the PNC shall be:

  • To offer a forum to engage all PACOIMA stakeholders to collaborate and deliberate on matters affecting the community.
  • To be an advocate for PACOIMA to government and private agencies upon those issues where there is broad community consensus.
  • To develop and implement standards that protect the health, welfare and aesthetic quality of the community.
  • To collaborate with other organizations in PACOIMA which want help in accomplishing their objectives or projects, andlor those organizations which the Council desires to support.

Powers, Duties and Function shall include:

  • The PNC shall advise the City government or any other level of government on matters concerning the general health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood. These matters could involve but are not limited to, community development, land use, transportation, education, services, public safety and environmental conditions.
  • The PNC shall recruit a diverse representation on the Board and each committee shall reflect the diverse interests of its area.
  • Provide input on the efficiency and effectiveness of the government’s delivery of services.
  • Inform the city government of the community’s priorities and make recommendations on the city budget.
  • Host informational meetings, hold public forums and if possible sponsor educational programs or studies and youth programs.
  • Cooperate with other Neighborhood Councils on issues that might be of general concern and interest.
  • Participate in the citywide conventions of Neighborhood Councils.
  • Develop a system whereby pertinent information transmitted through the City’s Early Notification System (ENS) will be made available in a timely manner to every Stakeholder in the PNC.
  • Foster a sense of community.