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RecycLA Message from Mayor Eric Garcetti

Posted on 02/10/18

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Please call the 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489 if you have questions about recycLA.

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Message from Mayor Eric Garcetti regarding billing disputes and more with the recycLA program.

New online tool makes it easier for customers to submit billing disputes and get questions answered about trash pickup.

LOS ANGELES — Business and property owners deserve predictable and transparent costs for trash collection, Mayor Eric Garcetti said today — as he directed the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (LASAN) to raise greater awareness of Angelenos’ rights under the City’s new recycLA waste hauling franchise.

Following a report on recycLA at today’s Board of Public Works meeting, Mayor Garcetti stressed the importance of protecting customers from inappropriate costs, empowering Angelenos with strategies for keeping bills as low as possible, and guiding customers to better understand how increased recycling can result in significantly lower charges.
The initial transition to the new system is unprecedented in scale. While more than three-quarters of customers pay only the base rate, some have reported sudden cost increases. The Mayor announced today that LASAN has unveiled a new recycLA online portal that allows customers to submit billing disputes and get questions answered about trash pickup.
“Inappropriate overcharges for trash pickup are unacceptable, so we are making sure that Angelenos can more easily submit billing disputes, and better understand how to keep costs as low as possible,” said Mayor Garcetti. “I know this transition has been tough for some customers — so we’ll keep working hard to ensure that recycLA works for people in this city, and meets our goal to make L.A. cleaner, greener, and healthier.”
The goal of recycLA is to modernize L.A.’s waste hauling system for commercial properties, apartment complexes, and condominium buildings. It is designed to create universal access to recycling, clean our air by mandating the use of clean fuel trucks, improve standards for customer service, and make rates uniform and transparent. The program allows customers to pay less as they recycle more. By bringing recycling to commercial and large residential buildings, millions of tons of waste will be kept out of landfills — putting L.A. on the path to a 90% recycling rate by 2025.
Mayor Garcetti reaffirmed his stance that Angelenos should be able to expect predictable, clearly-identified, and capped rates for services tailored to meet their specific needs. To that end, there are several protections built into the City’s agreement with haulers:
  • No fees or charges may be collected from a customer unless they have been clearly communicated in writing.
  • If a customer requests a change in service level that results in a lower rate, the designated recycLA service provider shall adjust the billing amount within seven days of the request. 
  • If a provider bills a customer an amount higher than appropriate for the service the customer is receiving or an amount higher than the appropriate rate, the provider shall promptly credit the account for the full amount that was overbilled, retroactive to the date the overbilling began.
There are also additional steps that customers can take to save money:
  • Customers should schedule a waste assessment with their designated recycLA service provider, to customize a service agreement to their specific needs. Providers are expected to help you determine the right level of service for the lowest possible cost — by looking at what size bins you need, how often they need to be picked up, and whether any additional services are necessary.  
  • If you believe you’re being charged inappropriate extra fees by your provider, you have the right to an additional inspection from LASAN.
  • If you disagree with the fees, you have the right to dispute your bill through LASAN. Customers can request a bill review, and if the provider declines to adjust the fees, customers can appeal to LASAN — which makes the final decision on bill disputes.
Mayor Garcetti expects all recycLA customers to be provided with responsive and timely support from LASAN’s Customer Care Center. If you have an issue that needs resolving, call 24 hours a day, seven days a week: (800) 773-2489. Detailed information on the program and the benefits of recycling can be found at

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