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The Fastest Route to City Hall (Updated)

Posted on 07/16/13

A new Mayor, a new City Attorney, a new City Controller, and six new Councilmembers join two incumbent Councilmembers in guiding the largest city in the most populated state in the most powerful country in the world and they need your feedback.
The quickest way to check in is by emailing them.  Tell them who you are, tell them where you live, tell them the issue, and tell them what you like.
Be specific, be concise, and be polite.
Here are the email addresses for LA’s Leadership:
Contact the Mayor and City Council:
Mayor Eric Garcetti – [email protected]
Click HERE to determine your Council District and contact your councilman below.
Gilbert Cedillo, CD 1 – [email protected]
Paul Krekorian, CD2 – [email protected]
Bob Blumenfield, CD 3 – [email protected]
Tom LaBonge, CD 4 – [email protected]
Paul Koretz, CD 5 – [email protected]
Nury Martinez, CD 6 – [email protected]
Felipe Fuentes, CD 7 – [email protected]
Bernard Parks, CD 8 – [email protected]
Curren D. Price, Jr, CD 9 – [email protected]
Herb J. Wesson, Jr. CD 10 – [email protected]
Mike Bonin, CD 11 – [email protected]
Mitch Englander, CD 12 – [email protected]
Mitch O’Farrell, CD 13 – [email protected]
Jose Huizar, CD 14 – [email protected]
Joe Buscaino, CD 15 – [email protected]
To contact the Mayor and ALL Councilmembers, email [email protected] and your email will also go to the City Clerk who will attach it to any specified Council Files.

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